Paramount Courier’s dedicated specialists are committed to ensuring our customers’ success and work tirelessly to deliver on our promise.

With our network of national agents, we deliver documents, parcels or just about anything, anywhere, anytime. Whether you need same day, time definite, next day, or day definite, we have the service you are looking for. Paramount even supplies the pouch and personalized airbills, which can be printed online to ensure your shipping goes smoothly. And with our leading-edge tracking system, you’ll get unparalleled insight into the delivery of your shipping and control where and when they arrive.

It’s no wonder America’s major entertainment, music, legal, marketing, fashion and manufacturing companies — as well as companies in many other industries — rely on Paramount.

So if you want a courier that’s faster than FedEx, and UPS and delivers miles beyond your expectations, 24/7, every day, call Paramount. 800.999.3005. Our President, Bart Salant is also on call.